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Agilent : Resolve

Handheld Through-Barrier Identification – Explosive, Narcotics, Drugs, Hazmat etc

A new capability for hazardous materials, explosive ordnance disposal, and law enforcement

The Agilent Resolve Raman system is the world’s only handheld Raman system that enables true through-barrier identification of hazardous or contraband materials. Resolve rapidly detects and identifies materials from comprehensive libraries including explosives, precursors, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and narcotics. Unique to Agilent, our proprietary handheld spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology enables positive identification through a wide range of sealed nonmetallic containers, barriers, and packaging.

Features & Benefits
  • Insight – Detect through opaque and colored barriers
  • Safe – No need to open or disturb containers
  • Fast – Accurate identification of chemicals and mixtures in about 1 minute, no sample preparation, or consumables
  • Rugged – Built to withstand tough environments
  • User-friendly – Large buttons, simple interface, designed for use in protective clothing

Agilent : Insight200M

The Bottle Screener for Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels Supplied by Agilent, the Cobalt Insight range is the best-performing liquid explosive detection solution and is operationally proven with several hundred units in use throughout the European Union, Africa, Asia, and Australasia.

The Insight200M is the latest addition to the range. Improving upon the popular Insight100 series, Insight200M screens all containers, including metals, with best-in-class detection performance and the lowest false alarm rate of any ECAC-approved scanner. The system is also smaller and lighter than its predecessor:

Insight 200M fits into security check point operations with the lowest resource impact and highest screening throughput of any Type B LEDS.


Features & Benefits
  • Best detection rate available – ECAC Standard 3
  • Lowest operational false alarm rate – 2% or less in EU airports
  • Fast scans of all containers – within 5 seconds
  • Specific threat material identified and named
  • Ideal as standalone system for all containers or for alarm resolution with EDS for cabin baggage (C2 or C3)–Approved (DFT) for containers <100ml

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