5G/6G, Q2 2023 Update

For testing and characterising a vast variety of Antennas using Microwave and mmWave Technology, the Microwave Vision Group, (MVG) offers a wide range of solutions. Few use cases are testing latest OTA, MIMO, Multiple Beams, Beamforming Arrays and Active Antennas. Going way beyond Antennas under Test (AUT), our solutions cater to multitude of Devices Under Test (DUT), like the Base Transceiver Stations, Wireless Devices, IoT devices or any Wearable Devices. Currently, they work with latest specifications for 5G New Radio at mmWave frequencies. In near future, the frequency of operations will get extended to Tera Hz region for 6G and other Applications.


For 5G mmWave Technology MVG Testing solutions are designed to meet the challenges of numerous Communication protocols like Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G and 5G New Radio, RF systems for frequencies up to W Band mmWave frequencies. In fact, MVG is fully ready to test antennas, devices, and equipment in the state of art 5G mmWave Technology and working on 6G and Tera Hertz Testing.

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